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Pets take to paddle boards

Paddle boarding
An SUP team is raising money and awareness for poor women affected by climate change.

Pets can paddle board, too. Just ask Nicole Boyle, owner of In Balance Yoga in Blacksburg, Va.

You can find her out on the water with her pup. Reports WSLS10:

She doesn’t just paddle with her 11 year-old dog, Ogden, she executes advanced yoga moves that many people would find difficult on dry ground.

“It’s playtime, and you’re playing together.  He loves being outside and being with me.  He loves being in the water, looking at the ducks, and all the boats.  So it’s just something we can do together and different,” Nicole said…

Michael Valach operates paddleboard rentals at both Claytor and Smith Mountain Lakes.  He sees more and more people paddling with their dogs and teaches a class on how to get started.

“Some dogs take to it quicker than others.  Some will take a little more time on the board with the dog getting used to it.  But most dogs really seem to enjoy it, and the person they are paddling with seems to get a lot out of it also,” Valach said.

But dogs aren’t the only pets hopping aboard paddle boards with their humans.

In the Florida Keys, paddle boarding has taken on a distinctly avian quality, according to WFLA:

Karly Venezia says she enjoys her excursions with Loretta.

The one-year-old chicken has no fear of the open water. She just sits at the front of the paddle board and gazes off at the water.

“Loretta’s very curious and follows us around the yard. Living in the Florida Keys, we like to get out on the water, so it only seemed natural to us to take Loretta paddle boarding and boating and things that we do with our dogs,” Venezia said.

Whether you’re solo or taking your furry or feathered friend along for the ride, Hold Fast Anchors has the complete stand up paddle board anchor system you need.


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