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SUP group helps women in need

Paddle boarding
An SUP team is raising money and awareness for poor women affected by climate change.

A group of women from Singapore and Manila are taking to their paddle boards to help make the world a better place.

The 12 women will go this month on a four-day trip to Siargao, Philippines, to raise awareness and funds to benefit 120 poor women in the archipelago nation. SUP Connect reports:

The team, under the banner of HER Planet Earth – a women’s advocacy group headquartered in Singapore that promotes gender equality and the integrity of the environment – in partnership with Waste No Weekend – a movement that encourages individuals to devote 25% of their week to exploration – wants to highlight the importance of ocean conservation and the urgency of supporting women affected by climate change.

HER Planet Earth is dedicated to raising awareness about the effects of climate change on women. According to the organization:

In many countries, women are among the most vulnerable to climate change and environmental impacts, partly because they make up the larger share of the agricultural workforce and tend to have access to fewer income-earning jobs. The destructive forces of nature, warped by rising global temperatures, manifest in cyclones, floods and other extreme weather conditions, which can act as negative force multipliers in societies already riven by inequality. The onset of droughts, accompanied by heightened food and water insecurity, also have a disproportionate effect on those least able to deal with the resulting increased social strains. While climate change is a global phenomenon, its impact is not spread across a level playing field. Its effects are felt locally, and poor people suffer the most. Among the world’s 1.3 billion poor people, the majority are women.

SUP Connect reports that the Philippines trip will also raise money for the Siargao Environmental Awareness Movement, a Filipino nonprofit focused on marine conservation. That organization partners with HER Planet Earth on sustainable bag-making from recycled material.

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