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Jacob Mellish

I grew up in Cape Town, South Africa. From before I could walk, I began to ride waves on a boogie board. It wasn’t long after I began walking, I started learning to ride my first waves on a stand up paddle board. I grew up home schooled, traveling the world surfing major world league events and even winning some big national events. After the competitiveness of the sport started to drain my love for surfing, I decided to turn my attention to yoga when the opportunity to help start up a yoga studio in Edinburgh (Tribe Yoga) presented itself. As a big lover of yoga, it is my greatest passion that I get to share daily, I am a huge believer of paddle board yoga and the incredible balance and endurance it gives you.This helps me with my focus and strength and endurance for competitive surfing.

HFA’s sup anchor system has allowed me to keep my SUP stationary in all conditions while going through my yoga routine as well as a platform to anchor my boards for those long distance hard to reach surf breaks.

You can follow Jacobs adventures on instagram @jacobmellish